Oracle Unveils Exadata Version 2: The First Database Machine for OLTP

The new Exadata 2, full with the SUN branding on it now brings new technology like the  Sun FlashFire cards: “Exadata Smart Flash Cache addresses the disk random I/O bottleneck problem by transparently moving hot data to Sun FlashFire cards. You get ten times faster I/O response time and use ten times fewer disks for business applications from Oracle and third-party providers.”

Oracle Exadada 2

“Exadata Version 1 was the world’s fastest machine for data warehousing applications,” said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. “Exadata Version 2 is twice as fast as Exadata V1 for data warehousing, and it’s the only database machine that runs OLTP applications. Exadata V2 runs virtually all database applications much faster and less expensively than any other computer in the world.”

Oracle is not using neither the Sparc Technology neither the Solaris OS on them, I guess that it is because previous developments were already on Linux/Intel.

Exadata 2 comes with more powerful CPUs (Intel Xeon Nehalem processors) and with more and faster memory (72GB DDR3), faster disks and faster network!

Read the press release for info on the Hardware:

For more:

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