oracle-validated package

I was installing the Oracle 10 in RedHat 5, every time we install Oracle we need to follow some procedures regarding the installation of pre-required packages and setting up some kernel parameters.

I went into the problem that not all the packages from the documentation were available, I was getting the following errors with a some of them:
Checking for compat-gcc-c++-7.3-2.96.128; found Not found. Failed <<<<
Checking for compat-libstdc++-devel-7.3-2.96.128; found Not found. Failed <<<<

yum install compat-gcc

Loading "security" plugin
Loading "rhnplugin" plugin
rhel-i386-server-5    100% |=========================| 1.3 kB    00:00
Setting up Install Process
Parsing package install arguments
No package compat-gcc available.
Nothing to do

What can I do?, well, with the installation of the oracle-validated package it will automatically install the requirements for Oracle Databases.
This package is included with RHEL 5.2 onwards and with access to the RHN or ULN (unbreakable Linux Network).

yum install oracle-validated
up2date oracle-validated

By the time I installed it I already had created the oracle user and groups and configured the kernel parameters, but this package will do that too….I think that I will bring one of my VM templates to see it fully working.

Go to this link to learn how to install a Public YUM Server

If you still need any other RPMs you can look for them in your Linux installation disks, or you can also go to and download them.

Good luck!

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