Commonly used srvctl commands

What is srvctl? it is the Server Control Utility, we use SRVCTL to start and stop the database and instances, manage configuration information, and to add, move or remove instances and services.

These are some of the srvctl commands I frequently use, this is not a complete reference guide.

I organized the commands as follow:

  • To start a rac database
  • To stop a rac database
  • To check status and configurations
  • To start and stop instances
  • To start, stop and manage services

Start a rac database (order: nodeapps – asm – database)

srvctl start nodeapps -n nodename
srvctl start asm -n
srvctl start database -d dbname
options are: srvctl start database -d
dbname -o open | -o mount | -o nomount

Stop a rac database (order: database – asm – nodeapps)
srvctl stop database -d dbname -o immediate
options are: srvctl stop database -d dbname -o normal | -o transactional | -o immediate | -o abort

srvctl stop asm -n nodename
options are: srvctl stop asm -n nodename -o immediate

srvctl stop nodeapps -n nodename

To check status and configurations
srvctl status nodeapps -n nodename

srvctl config nodeapps -n nodename

srvctl status asm -n nodename
srvctl config asm -n nodename

srvctl status database -d dbname
srvctl config database -d dbname (shows instances name, node and oracle home)

srvctl status instance -d dbname -i instancename

srvctl status service -d dbname

To start and stop instances

srvctl start instance -d dbname -i instancename
srvctl stop instance -d dbname -i instancename

To start, stop and manage services
srvctl status service -d dbname
srvctl config service -d dbname
srvctl start service -d dbname -s servicename
srvctl stop service -d
dbname -s servicename

srvctl relocate service -d dbname -s servicename -i instancename -t newinstancename [-f]

srvctl documentation for Oracle 10G R2 and 11G

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9 Responses to Commonly used srvctl commands

  1. Rahul says:


    Excellent article. Thanks a lot for sharing. Kindly show difference between 9i RAC,10g RAC and 11g RAC commands.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment, right now I don’t have plans for an article about the differences between the versions, but I can tell you that srvctl in both 10g and 11g are very similar. You can find at the end of the post the links with the official documentation for both versions. Good luck.

  2. Shadab Alam says:

    Thats Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shadab Alam


    awesome job

  4. hasham says:

    great work

  5. bronx says:

    Very Informative! Thanks

  6. Mike says:

    Thanks, I have used this a copy of times already…

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