Oracle 11.2 XE (beta) is out!

Hi eveyone, I’m so happy about this news because I have successfully used Oracle 10.2 XE before for personal and business solutions (even on banks and telecommunication companies) and it was getting older and older…

Oracle 11.2 XE (beta) is available for download here, for Windows 32bit and Linux 64bit.

You can find the documentation here.

Download size for Linux 64bit is 271MB

The limitations are:

  • Only one instance can be installed per server.
  • It will use only one of the available processors.
  • It will support up to 11B of data (not including system data).
  • It will use up to 1GB of available RAM.

These and other limitations like features not included can be found here.

About a year ago I couln’t find a thing about the XE roadmap, I was a little bit worried about how old the 10.2 XE was and it even came to my mind that they were going to let it die, so these are very good news!

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1 Response to Oracle 11.2 XE (beta) is out!

  1. Christian says:

    Good news! Oracle allways said “not earlier than R2 on standard edition is rolled out” which means “when we have time and/or are bored” 🙂

    But very interesting is: PL/Java is still not supported in XE but there is a “Yes” under .NET Procedures? Someone tried this? Sadly ^^ I have Linux only but I am snoopy 😉 What I am wondering about … since the bougth Java as part of Sun … and … now they give .NET procedures as a gift but charge for Java ?!?

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