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Exadata workshop – impressions and notes

I have read articles and specs on Exadata before, but now I have had the opportunity to assist to an Exadata Hands-On workshop. I’m writing these impressions without talking too much about the specs, they are everywhere, some links here. … Continue reading

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Benefits and consequences of the NOLOGGING option

I still find confusion out there about the LOGGING and NOLOGGING clauses when performing DML and DDL operations, the reality is that the NOLOGGING clause will work only on particular conditions, but all regular inserts,updates and deletes will still log … Continue reading

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Configure the transparent gateway to access a second SQL server database.

In a previous post I explained the parameters that I used when connecting Oracle to SQL Server, now I have received another request from the developers, they need to access tables from another database in the same server. These are … Continue reading

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Tips for DBMS_STATS (part 1/2)

Taking statistics and have them updated is a very important task on most Oracle databases, the CBO (Cost Based Optimizer) evaluates the cost of several Execution Paths, this cost is mainly based on physical and logical Disk IO, CPU use … Continue reading

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Main parameters to setup a Transparent Gateway connection to SQL Server

Hi, I would like to share with you the parameters that worked out for me when connecting to a SQL Server database. Please consider that I am not explaining in detail how to set up a transparent gateway connection to … Continue reading

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Run jobs in a particular instance using services

Hello and welcome to my first post. In this post I want to explain how to assign an instance to our jobs using services (10g R1 & R2). In other words to “tell” a job to run on a particular … Continue reading

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